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Maya Gelfman's 'Black Birds'

Born in 1978, artist Maya Gelfman is one of Israel’s most important contemporary artists and enjoys wide international recognition.

“From all the various materials and mediums I work with, nothing soothes my soul as much as wool. I can find myself breathless while painting, feeling over-stretched, floating quietly but anxiously toward a point in the horizon that I can’t really see clearly. I know this process and trust it, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

With yarn thread, on the other hand, I feel safe. It collects me back to my core, quiets my mind and my breaths into a rhythmic pattern that flows smoothly while the thread unravels.

It’s a good balance. I never thought of it this way, but this might be the reason for why my exhibitions always contain both paintings and fabric installations.” Maya Gelfman

In her installation entitled “Black Birds” she uses yarn to mimic a ‘fast sketch’ suspended in mid air .

The work shows a flock of birds taking flight, representing freedom, hope and the promise of the open sky while still being intrinsically linked to the pulling force of the ground Each bird arises from a ball of yarn, linked to its origin. What creates it can also destroy it. That which can unravel it, is the same that grants it wings.

See a short video of this piece of work via this YouTube video

RISE! Black Birds - an installation by Maya Gelfman (Music: "Blue Skies" by Noa Bentor.)

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