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Land artist Guillaume Legros (Saype)

French artist Saype (real name Guillaume Legros - born Belfort, 17/02/1989) has made a name for himself since 2012 first by painting scenes in subways before he expanded his vision. Influenced by his readings, his questions as well as by the democratization of drones in Europe which gives him easy access to aerial views, he began to paint gigantic works on grass, visible only from the sky.

Working with eco-responsible paint that he makes himself out of flour, linen oil, water and natural pigments like chalk and charcoal, his message is clear i.e. honour and protect the earth and its inhabitants he has been recognised as one of the thirty most influential personalities under the age of thirty in the world, in the field of art and Culture and is now considered a pioneer of a new land art movement.

Look at his website or follow him on Facebook

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