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Kinetic Sculptures

The above video shows some of the most fascinating kinetic sculptures in one video. if you are interested in seeing more look for the full videos via the titles below


PottsSculpture Auspicious Messenger 2015 -

Derek Hugger Colibri: an organic motion sculpture -

quilty1987 Cogitation Kinetic Sculpture -

Larry Lienczewski Galaxy Custom made Copper Kinetic Wind Sculpture by The Copper Works -

Strandbeest Webshop STRANDBEEST EVOLUTION 2017 -

troika london Troika - 'Cloud' - digital sculpture for British Airways -

Anne Helmenstine Metalmorphosis - Giant Metal Head Kinetic Sculpture in Charlotte -

Henry Zwiefelhofer 3d Printed Kinetic Sculpture -

peterbmw1 Kinetic sculpture at the BMW Museum (audio swap) -

stanwoodimports Kinetic Copper Wind Sculpture Dual Spinner - Dancing Octopus -

Alex Rodriguez Wind-powered kinetic bicycle art on the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside trail: "Whirling Wheels" -

Biogen Breaking Wave, kinetic sculpture located in the Biogen Idec lobby -


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