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It Hurts To Hurt Someone suggested TEDtalk by Maryann Jacobi Gray

Despite the best of intentions, it's likely that sooner or later we'll make a mistake and someone will get hurt, physically or emotionally. Maryann Jacobi Gray explores how we can resolve the guilt and shame and hurt that we feel when we hurt others

Maryann shares her story and reminds us that when we turn away from people who unintentionally hurt us we’re only compounding the toll that mistakes and accidents take and that diminishes all of us. She offers a different approach with three steps to address ‘moral injury’ and by reminding us of our humanity and connection

Maryann Jacobi Gray is a social psychologist, writer, and university administrator. She was assistant provost at UCLA until her retirement in 2017; she has also served as associate vice provost at the University of Southern California and a behavioural scientist at RAND. She created and maintains the website

It Hurts To Hurt Someone - Maryann Jacobi Gray

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