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In Praise of Slowness – Carl Honoré

For fast-acting relief from stress, try slowing down.’ Lily Tomlin

People have been complaining about the pace of ‘modern life’ for ever, but recent technology has really accelerated the problem. The modern emphasis on speed affects our nutrition, health, sleep, work and relationships, we need to relearn how to relate to time so we don’t become its servant and watch our life disappears before our eyes.

In Praise of Slowness’ is a great place to start thinking about why we are in such a hurry all the time and ‘meet’ people who have decided to do something about it. The book promotes balance – the right speed for everything.

Recently people have started to open their eyes to the potential of slowing down to increase efficiency. When we concentrate our focus on one thing at a time rather than dash through a lot of things we can actually increase our productivity.

Scientific evidence shows that meditation and mindfulness are effective in taking better care of the mind and have proven beneficial across many other aspects of life too.

Here is a link to a TEDTALK by the author about this subject that might be of interest too

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