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Ice Sculpture

I thought that ice sculptures might be an appropriate post for the last one of 2020. Ice sculptures can be abstract or realistic and can be functional or purely decorative. Larger pieces which can include whole hotels are often carved with chainsaws while smaller, more intricate designs are made with razor-sharp chisels and hand saws that are specifically designed for cutting ice.

Ice sculptures are a form of temporary art whose longevity is determined primarily by the temperature of the environment and the size of the piece, therefore a sculpture can last from a few minutes to possibly months.

Ice sculptures are also used to present food in novel ways. French Chef Auguste Escoffier was responsible for one of the most famous early ice sculptures when he used an iced swan to present a peach melba.

There are several ice festivals and competitions held around the world, notably in Alaska, Belgium, Canada, China, Japan, Russia and Sweden though in many other countries too e.g. in Manchester in the UK where the image below is taken from

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Dec 30, 2020

Amazing! I saw a programme on ice sculpture and they also built an ice hotel. I'm not sure if i'd like to stay in one though!

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