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How some life choices bring on your own suffering

This week looks at another new podcast The Overwhelmed Brain. The Overwhelmed Brain is hosted by Paul Colaianni, and says that it is a podcast for anyone who hasn’t had luck with personal development strategies such as affirmations, and who is tired of being told to “think positively”.

The title I chose, linked in with the theme of attitude:

The podcast is 1 hour 10 minutes long but the first section (which is 23 minutes long) makes the main salient points.

After the adverts (23- 27.21) the next section (27.21 - ) dissects an email asking for help and refers to the points previously raised in response.

What I took away from this podcast:

You can’t prepare for every single event in life so there needs to be a balance between knowing you can be ok when things don’t work out (acceptance) and knowing you can reinforce your boundaries and facilitate changes in other situations.

The most important thing is to know the role you play and take responsibility to keep moving forward in the right direction and not remaining in scenarios that are completely avoidable.

We need to have self confidence and not look for validation from external sources.

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