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Growing Yourself & The People Around You Rob Dial Podcast suggestion

Just like a flower, we need the right circumstance to grow into who we can become, as do the people who we love that are around us.

In this episode, Rob Dial uses the job description of a gardener (which is to nurture a plant not change or restrict it) to illustrate the importance of being a gardener for yourself and others. He asks about the environment we create - Is it beneficial for you and the ones that you want to support in their growth?

If a plant isn't growing, we change the environment not the plant

The gardener’s job is to nurture a plant not change or restrict it

When we are in any relationship we are a gardener to the other person. Your job in a relationship is to nurture the other person to grow into what they are truly here to become not what you think they ought to be.

What type of gardener are you ?

Who are the gardeners for you ?

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