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Gabriel Schama artist

"My work is driven by a desire to push this style as far as it can go, and to constantly seek new forms and compositions." Gabriel Schama

Gabriel Schama lives and works in Oakland, CA. He produces his work using a big laser cutter named Obliex . In the past he used to use a X-acto knife and paper for his creations, but now he mainly focuses on using plywood, acrylics and leather with Obliex and then finishes his works off by hand.

Gabriel uses densely layered forms that twist, intersect, and overlap in mixed tones of wood grain or in vivid blocks of colour. Not only are the pieces stunning at a first glance, but the fascinating detail in his work is revealed with every change in perspective as you look at it.

If you like his work why not follow him on Facebook or stop by his website

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