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Evelyne Binsack on Willpower

Evelyne Binsack is a professional mountain guide and adventurer and the first Swiss woman and only one of a handful of people worldwide, to have reached all three poles with her own muscle power and using her will power to spur her on.

Binsack has reached the summit of Mount Everest 3 times, she undertook a 484 day expedition to the South Pole from Switzerland using her own muscle power;( 25,000 kilometres on her bicycle 1200 kilometres walking on her skis through 16 different countries and four different continents) and she also reached the North Pole. This makes her the only person to have crossed the entire hemisphere under her own steam, a feat that constantly forced her to confront new limits. At the North Pole it was the cold and wildness that got to her, at the South Pole the violent storms, and at Everest the extent of its exposure.

Binsack says that the foundation of her strong willpower is based on three pillars – business (or a purpose in life) health and relationships.

“We feel happy when we have a fulfilling job. we feel good when we are feeling healthy and strong and we feel happy when we are loved by our friends and our family”

She acknowledges that if one pillar tilts there are still two pillars that are supporting us but if two pillars are affected then that’s when our willpower diminishes and our intentions and actions disappear. She, herself, experienced difficulties in both health and her relationships and had to learn to understand, and accept before she could then act after a lot of rest silence and sleep.

Take away: We power and build up our will power muscles the more we train them. As we approach life which is constantly changing, we need to understand a situation and what changes are necessary, accept new situations and our changing role in those new scenarios and the changes that are required and then we can act by making ourselves ready and by letting go of all the old unfulfilled expectations and goals to make room for new goals

Listen to her talk here: Willpower | Evelyne Binsack | TEDxZurich


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