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Erica Ross-Krieger and Dan Millman Podcast suggestion

The Entrepreneur's Café podcasts are hosted by Erica Ross-Krieger.

It’s impossible to succeed in the outer “game” of entrepreneurship and wealth if you aren’t committed to also mastering your inner game. Each week, join Erica Ross-Krieger, a master certified business coach, author, EFT (“Tapping”) expert and successful 20-year entrepreneur, as she shares her 19-minute success principles and mindset secrets. She also interviews guest experts who are masters at managing the inner and outer game of entrepreneurship and wealth. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur who knows the importance of a strong mindset, or are new or anywhere in between on your entrepreneurial journey, and you want to take inspired action to build your business from the inside out, then these podcasts are for you.

The episode I have chosen is Episode 54 (17th August,2021) with Dan Millman

Everyone has a story and has gone through the various vicissitudes of life. Depending on how we respond to difficulties we can find silver linings. Dan Millman has developed an approach to living called ‘The Peaceful Warrior’s Way’. It is about striving to live with a more peaceful heart but with the strength of a warrior spirit. It is about having a sense of balance: living with our head in the clouds but our feet on the ground. We need to incorporate both external and internal change into our lives. We can work to help others but we need to work on ourselves too.

The most important question is:

“What will you do now in response to the current circumstances?”

Whilst acknowledging the the terrible effect that Covid-19 has had on our lives, in this episode Dan reflects on some of the positive changes we have experienced because of the Covid pandemic

e.g. Constraint breeds creativity – and how we have learnt to adapt/The value of adversity because it teaches us resilience and gratitude

He also discusses the importance of accepting your thoughts and feelings in the moment, knowing your purpose and doing what needs to be done in line with your purpose based on Morita Therapy, a Japanese psychotherapy developed by Dr Shōma Morita in 1919, which is a holistic, experiential approach aiming to re-orientate patients in nature with a focus on allowing suffering as it is, and unpleasant thoughts and emotions conceptualized as natural and uncontrollable phenomena, (Morita Therapy contrasts with the focus of established Western approaches on symptom reduction and control.)

Dan also reminds us that although we can’t control the outcome we can control the effort we put in to something and be successful in making progress towards a goal that is meaningful to us over time. He leaves us with a final reminder that comparison with others is disrespectful for our own progress

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