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  • Writer's pictureReflective Resources is another site that offers a number of free or validated courses on all sorts of subjects to continue your learning. For each course you can decide whether you follow the verified (paid) certificate course or whether you complete the audit (free) version.

Simply register, then start looking for the course you are interested in, in the language of your choice. You can filter your choices via subject, type, availability (starting now or in the future ) etc.

The first free course that I have chosen via this site is 'The Path to happiness: What Chinese Philosophy Teaches us about the Good Life'

The course description says that the course will explore ideas from Confucianism to Daoism, philosophies developed over two thousand years ago, in a modern context. The philosophical concepts discussed will provide tools to change your life and increase personal happiness by focusing on your actions, the power of ritual, and the importance of sensing the world around you.

Let us know what courses you find of interest

(Don't forget, that there are direct links to this and other sites under the Inspiring Websites button)

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