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Didier Squiban - Molène

Didier Squiban ( a french pianist and composer) was born on 23 September 1959 in Ploudalmézeau ( Finistère) . "Molène" is his first Breton solo piano album which was recorded on the island of the same name in 1997. His work is a combination of traditional breton music, jazz improvisation and classical influenced by Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Debussy, Stravinsky, Satie, Schönberg and Glenn Gould.

Île-Molène is a French commune, mainly made up of the island of Molène,/island of Iroise off the west coast of Finistère, in Brittany. Most of the other islands of the Molène archipelago actually belong to the municipality of Conquet. Its inhabitants are called the Molénais.

This album is so full of contrasts just like the stunning scenery it depicts.

The tracks are listed in this order:

  • Suite No. 1 "Tri men": Ar baradoz

  • Suite No. 1 "Tri men": An alarc'h

  • Suite No. 1 "Tri men": Suite d'an dro du pays vannetais (one of my fav')

  • Suite No. 1 "Tri men": Ledenez

  • Suite No. 1 "Tri men": Kost ar c'hoat

  • Suite No. 1 "Tri men": Tri men

  • Suite No. 2 "Ker eon": Iroise

  • Suite No. 2 "Ker eon": Suite de gavottes des montagnes

  • Suite No. 2 "Ker eon": Ar skoliater

  • Suite No. 2 "Ker eon": Trugerekat men dous

  • Suite No. 2 "Ker eon": Ker eon

  • Suite No. 2 "Ker eon": Kerzhadenn - Pedenn

  • Suite No. 2 "Ker eon": Variations sur laridés à 6 temps

  • Suite No. 3 "Bannec": Marche des conscrits du Faouët

  • Suite No. 3 "Bannec": Enez Eusa

  • Suite No. 3 "Bannec": Me 'zo ganet e kreiz ar mor

  • Suite No. 3 "Bannec": An oed a driwec'h vlez

  • Suite No. 3 "Bannec": Bannec

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