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Day music - Spring music

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party!’” Robin Williams

Spring (from the 4 seasons) - Vivaldi

Spring - season suite

I am the Spring - Morcheeba

Spring is coming - Menolamp

Younger than Springtime - Julian Ovenden

Younger than Springtime - Frank Sinatra

The First Days of Spring - Noah and the Whale

Spring Breakdown - Luke Bryan

Spring Vacation - The Beach Boys

It might as well be Spring - Glenn Zaleski and Lauren Henderson

You must believe in Spring - Barbra Streisland

I love Paris - Ella Fitzgerald

Fly me to the moon - Frank Sinatra

Tulips From Amsterdam - Max Bygraves

Change of Season - Hall and Oates

It was a lover and his lass - William Shakespeare - poem

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