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Daniel Popper Human+Nature exhibition

South African artist Daniel Popper ( born December 22, 1983 ) creates fascinating large-scale sculptures. He is a multidisciplinary artist known for delivering larger than life physical installations at festivals around the world.

Many of his projects include collaborations with other artists, technicians and artisans to incorporate electronic music, LED lighting and projection mapping as key components others are more ‘natural’ e.g. his Human+Nature exhibition of eight enormous figures which are spread across the 1,700 acres at The Morton Arboretum just outside of Chicago The sculptures are named Ginkgo, Hallow, UMI, Ephemera, Sentient , Heartwood, Basilica and Mycelia. Constructed of wood, glass-reinforced concrete, fiberglass, and steel, the looming sculptures stand out against the verdant landscape and pay homage to nature’s endurance and diversity, particularly the 220,000 individual specimens growing on the grounds

To discover more about the talented Daniel Popper, why not visit his website

Stay up to date via his Facebook page or read a previous post about his work Thrive

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