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Dance like no one is watching – A guest post by Soph

'I feel intuitively drawn to dance at this difficult time; experiencing all genres of dance on my Hi-fi, dancing around my kitchen, re-discovering how good it feels to dance, to move, to vibrate, how it makes me smile.

I love to watch dancers too, and not just those that we perceive dance well, all bodies are beautiful when they dance. My favourites are those that dance like no one is watching. I am also really keen to encourage my kids to dance, to be at one with that freedom of movement that we all have when we are young.

Just dance 2020 has become my friend here and we watch kids from across the world dancing too, it’s great fun, dancing around our lounge illuminated by our Christmas tree. I also believe in the collective consciousness, I feel we are all connected, all one, eternal souls of light having a human experience in this life.

By way of a ripple effect I do also feel that we can make a real difference by transmitting joy and positive vibes. This leads me back to the dance as it is difficult not to feel good when dancing and I wonder how the world would feel if we all danced at once, physically vibrating each in our own unique way. So if you get the chance to dance over the Christmas period, and feel like shaking it out, know I will be out there somewhere in my kitchen dancing it out with you' Soph x

Dance used as a spiritual discipline is an ancient practice that’s been explored by many cultures throughout the ages. CHAKRADANCE, is a new 21st century dance practice that takes this healing tradition into the present day. Creator, Natalie Southgate, describes it as ”dreaming with your feet”, and explains the experience and how it’s good for your the link below. There are no set steps and you dance as if no one is watching.

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