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Curiosity Stream (Review)

REVIEW: by Tony B

Streaming apps are often considered or thought of with some reservations and of dubious reputation; but society is now generally happy with ‘Netflix and Chill’ and all that it entails however the majority of its content is fantasy and escapism. What’s wrong with that I hear you say? Nothing! However if you are looking to expand your thinking, broaden your horizons and generally further your education, look no further than Curiosity Stream. I defy anybody not to find something of interest on this fascinating video streaming website.

Curiosity Stream covers anything from Quantum Mechanics to Pre-history to the moon landings, real action and adventure in various conflicts throughout history, there is even a program entitled ‘The beginning and the end of the Universe’. It is seldom a celebrity that presents the program more often it is a university professor, nevertheless the programmes are light, entertaining and informative.

Having just finished a series about the Loire River (in France), I am currently enjoying a series called 'The Joy of Logic' in which a professor takes a class of primary school children through a series of Boolean logic gates!

Curiosity Stream is next to free; usually 20 USD a year but currently on special offer at 15USD (Nov 2020) Less than £1 a month!

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