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C is for Comparison - Suggested Talks

"Comparison is the first step in self- annihilation" Laura Miles

Oranges versus bananas: The unforgiving mirror of comparison TED Talk suggestion by Laura Miles Use this link to connect directly to this previous Talk suggestion post

(This talk, based on Laura's own lived experience of being defined through comparison, provides an entertaining and profound examination of the role of comparison in society and the impact it has on how we relate to ourselves and each other.)

Breaking Free from Comparisonitis | Jackie Martin | TEDxUNG

Jackie Martin reveals the disease that has probably affected us at one time or another, comparrisonitis. Jackie Martin explains how toxic it can be to one's health to compare yourself to someone else. Comparison with others leaves us feeling inferior or superior or both vacillating how you feel about yourself based on how other people are doing in life. She lays forth the steps and benefits of​ accepting who you are as an individual.

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