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Brazilian street artist Fábio Gomes Trindade

“Although I don’t consider myself a Black activist, I always wanted to portray Black women with their natural beauty in a majestic way. The beauty of Black women always enchanted me, and I work hard to pay a beautiful homage to all Black women,” Fábio Gomes Trindade

Brazilian street artist Fábio Gomes Trindade combines his paintings of people with the natural environment e.g. the flowers or leaves of trees as hair, to create a single new complete work of art. He is particularly known for his depictions of Egypt Sarai (a child model) and he portrays her with various hairstyles e.g. an afro of purple flowers, a headband with bushy green hair (formed from a tree/bush) etc

His work is not limited to this however , he creates, a wide variety of large scale works.

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or watch some of his videos of his work on YouTube


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