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Books about queuing

Books for children:

Line Up, Please! by Tomoko Ohmura

Queuing can be extremely dull, but not for these fifty different animals of all shapes and sizes. What is it that they are all waiting for? There is a tiger and frog, sheep and skunk, giraffe and elephant all being directed to line up in an orderly fashion by a very efficient seagull. But what are all these animals doing there, lined up in a row, each with its own number? Some of them know it, others don't….

Why not watch and listen to the story via this YouTube link

Line Up, Please! by Tomoko Ohmura

The loo queue by Nicholas Allan

In this rhyming book, the queue for the loo gets very long indeed, as a series of multi-coloured animals impatiently join!  As the queue gets longer, the animals get more impatient. Who is actually in the loo and why are they taking so long?

Why not watch and listen to the story via this YouTube link

The Loo Queue by Nicholas Allan

Books for adults:

Queuing for Beginners: The Story of Daily Life from Breakfast to Bedtime by Joe Moran

Joe Moran takes us through a day in the life of an average modern human, picking out sixteen mundane and overlooked elements to explore. 'Bacon and eggs to go', for example, takes breakfast from its rich beginnings, through the preference for cereals and toast during the meat rationing of the war, to today's rushed coffee and the rise of the cereal bar. Moran then proceeds to explore the daily rituals of commuting, office gossip, lunchtime errands, checking emails, the rushed sandwich eaten at the office desk, cigarette breaks, post-work drinks, ready meals and watching the evening weather (amongst other things) before finally signing off with a history of the bed and attitudes towards sleep and the bedroom, and a gentle reminder to look around us and recognise our daily routines as a part of our collective social consciousness.

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