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Being Xtraordinary - suggested books

Being Extraordinary by Ian Lock

How can you create a life that is truly extraordinary? What would be possible if you could? Being Extraordinary is a guide to living life on purpose with meaning and freedom. Ian Lock takes you through the ideas, insights and explorations that will lead you to answer these questions and more. The ambition here is no less than to have you 'own and live the life you want'. So be prepared to be provoked and challenged. 

Be Extraordinary 7 Key Skills to Transform Your Life From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Jennifer Wild

A road map for change that uses the lessons we can learn from survivors of trauma to make a dramatic difference in our own lives to transform ordinary into extraordinary. 

What Extraordinary People Know: How to Cut the Busy B.S. and Live Your Kick-Ass Life - Anthony Moore

What's the secret to 'extraordinary?' Being stuck in mediocrity sucks. It's easy to identify the symptoms of this disease in your life: are you chronically bored? Do you wake up knowing today is going to suck? Are you constantly fighting off feelings of emptiness, exhaustion, and knowing you're wasting your life?

Every moment of every day, you can choose to be extraordinary. You can choose to become someone you're incredibly proud to be, who accomplishes amazing goals and achieves greatness. What Extraordinary People Know guides you through how to be free of the mediocrity trap: starting with the inspiration, tools, and kick in the ass you need to get your life going in high gear―from behavioural change and personal growth expert Anthony Moore.

As someone who took his own life from ordinary to extraordinary, Moore has created a three-step path to breaking free of Mediocrity and becoming the hero of your own life.

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