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Australian cross-cultural project

In Australia

We’ve dug 50,000 holes across sacred land.

We dump 500,000 tonnes of fabric and clothing every year.

Can we give our hands and hearts in healing to create 5,000 rugs to seal one hole?

Reclaim the Void is a cross-cultural project that was born from Ngalia elders in Leonora, Western Australia expressing their pain and grief at ‘those gaping mining holes left all over our country’. The project seeks to raise awareness of the story of country and its importance in Aboriginal culture in both its physical and spiritual dimensions.

The idea was conceived to symbolically ‘seal’ one of the holes with a large-scale ‘dot’ artwork made up of thousands of handmade circular rag-rugs woven from discarded fabric. an artwork expressing the story of country. Woven by people from all walks of life and backgrounds, the rugs will be joined together into a giant textile artwork which shows an overall pattern that carries the story of the Tjukurrpa of the country on which the pit is situated.

When we wound country, we wound ourselves, and end up with a scarred physical and cultural landscape. This project carries the desire for healing country, healing community, and healing ourselves. It is about acknowledging the hurt and contributing to restoration. It offers people the chance to learn about country and culture.

Weaving comes and it goes, in and out;

like breath,

like thoughts,

like the wind through the trees.


Bringing us deeper into a place within ourselves. Deeper into the land on which we sit.


Weaving country whole.

Visit their website or Facebook page for more information

Reclaim the void concept image utilising artwork from original painting Tui by Dolly Walker:

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